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BH Shipping Maritime & Trading B.V. was founded on the idea that transparency and sustainability should be paramount. Changing economic and climatic conditions simply require a different business cuture.
We therefor exclusively use calibrated flowmeter systems for all our deliveries.
In addition BH Shipping Maritime & Trading B.V. only supplies the highest quality marine distillates in compliance with the latest ISO standards and ECA regulations.
BH Shipping Maritime & Trading B.V. is affiliated with the industry association NOVE and endorses
the NOVE code of ethics.



The BH Shipping and Trading Group B.V. consist of BH Shipping and trading B.V. , BH Offshore, BH Equipment, BH Chartering, DPS Dutch Port Services, BH Shipping and trading B.V.B.A, Forshore services B.V. and Tightship & Oil G.M.B.H. Different companies but with a common focus, providing added value as shipping agent. In every area from arranging customs clearance to processing import and export forms.

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Efficiency, Reliability, Decisiveness.

Key components in the world of shipping agents. At least, key within the customer driven support offered by BH Shipping Maritime and Trading Group B.V. As international shipping makes ever higher demands in suppliers, so BH Shipping Maritime and Trading Group B.V. responds decisively to meet all those demands with a complete service. More than a quarter of a century's experience goed hand in hand with a customer-friendly approach and today we are there for you, our customer, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


Raadhuisstraat 4-8
4797 AX Willemstad, The Netherlands

+31 10 416 50 44

Bedankt voor de inzending!

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